Troubleshoot Your Xbox 360 with Easy Applicable Steps

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
In trying to restore your Xbox to its former condition which was good you must first find out the reason for the occurring problem present in the system. If your system is giving off the E74 error, red light error, unclear graphics you should try this and get your Xbox back to perfect condition.

Step 1: You check all the cables and ensure they are tightly plugged in and replace bad ones, take note of the AV cable and the power cable, check them properly.

Step 2: You must make sure the batteries and controllers are working. They should be properly checked. They have the potential to induce the three red light error on your system.

Step 3: Many times inadequate power supply may just be the reason for the trouble codes on your system, what you need do is to plug your system directly to the switch on the wall.

Step 4: This is a big one. Many of the Xbox 360 console problems is as a result of too much heat within the console. So what you need to do is to place your system in an area with sufficient amount of air so that air can get, you also need to dust your system regularly to allow the in flow and out flow of air because the dust might block the vents, reduce your hours of gaming time and also attach a cooling equipment behind the console to help the cooling equipments within the console take care of the heat generated in it.

These are sure to work but in cases where they do not it simply means that the problem is internal so what you need do is to either send it all the way to Microsoft to do the fix for you or you simply get the Xbox 360 repair guide and do the fix yourself in less than an hour without supervision, only follow the guide provided to you within it.